Welcome to Freight Brokers USA

We have solutions that will make your transportation business easier.  Our platform will help you whether you are shipper looking to lower shipping costs or a carrier looking for a low cost management tool or broker looking for a complete TMS and CRM tool. We have it here.

We are developing a unique program to reach thousands of carriers either direct or through dispatch services, freight brokers or direct to carriers.

Our site integrates in the Trulos Transportation platform so that when you sign up as a new user you are able to submit an RFQ or post freight for bid and it will be instantly accessible by freight brokers, dispatchers and truckload carriers who have subscribed to the Trulos software system.

The bids are visible to you and you are notified when a bid has been entered.  Our bids are not blind and you will be able to see the carrier or broker that is bidding on your shipment.  If you like a bid you can select it and it will notify the truckload carrier or freight broker that you have selected their bid.

We work very closely with Trulos Transportation to sell and set up users on their software platform.  Trulos Transportation is a great resource for the transportation industry and is dedicated to making transportation easier

Freight Auction Lowers Costs

Freight Brokers are competitive and you will save money by having a freight broker bidding on your business or go carrier direct and find a carrier to haul your freight.  You can choose the best option for your business.  Either way you will have the flexibility of choosing your options.

Freight Auction Expand Carrier Base

By  posting freight to the freight biding system you will expand your carrier base by finding new truckload carriers and brokers to help manage freight.  The online freight action is a simple and easy way to place your bids and find new carriers.  Increase truckload capacity easily and simply.

About Freight Brokers

Freight brokers represent hundreds or even thousands of carriers.  When you post to this network you get the power of many freight brokers looking for the most competitive truckload or LTL rates.  Every freight broker has their strengths.  One broker may have a lot of freight moving east to west while another may specialize in Texas to Chicago.  Because they move so much freight in these lanes they have dedicated carriers that offer special pricing and reduce a manufactires shipping cost

Truckload Carriers

Did you know almost 85% of the transportation that is moved in the country is by companies with less then 10 trucks.  That is a huge number of entrepreneurs.  Truckload Carriers are the back bone of our economy and their dedication and hard work makes America better.

Freight Broker Training

If you would like to learn how to become a freight broker we have found some great video training that is available on line and very inexpensive.  Whether you are a truckload carrier that would like to learn how to expand your coverage by brokering freight out to other carriers or you are thinking about jumping into the 300 billion transportation industry and building exciting career.  Check out this Freight Broker video training program